SECURLY is a 100% cloud-based web filter designed specifically for K-12 schools. With features like safe-search in Google, YouTube and Wikipedia, and seamless integration with Google Apps for Education, Securly is the optimal security solution for 21st century education. Securly costs fractions less than other security options available to schools and provides an alternative to the problem of over-blocking, while maintaining CIPA compliance.

Safe Search
Securly blocks inappropriate content from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so students can research without worry. In addition, students and teachers have access to YouTube Safety Mode, which blocks blacklisted videos from being viewed by students. All of these safe-search features are CIPA compliant

YouTube for Educators
By far one of the biggest questions for IT admins is their YouTube policy – should they leave it completely open, completely blocked, or employ a solution like YouTube for Education or YouTube Safety Mode? Unfortunately, all of these solutions come with their drawbacks. This prompted Securly to develop a better solution called YouTube for Educators, a school-friendly feature that allows admins and teachers to approve individual videos or entire channels with one click

White and Black Lists
Securly allows for global white and blacklisting of safe or inappropriate websites for students. Teachers have the ability to bypass these settings to access blocked pages, and can also add pages to the blacklist or whitelist. This is all customizable and audited by the administrator’s account

Bullying and Self-Harm Detection
In collaboration with industry experts, Securly has developed a technology (featured on EdSurge) that interprets the sentiments of students’ online searches and social media posts and alerts school officials in cases of cyberbullying and self-harm. In contrast to solutions that flag on keywords, which produce many false positives, Securly’s algorithms rely on natural language processing to detect troubling behavior with high confidence

Parent Portal
The patent-pending “Securly for Parents” offering give your parent community visibility into how their children are using school devices like Chromebooks and iPads. Parents can also have the ability to co-manage the at-home policy. Create a sense of shared responsibility with parents to ensure the success of your 1:1 program

Google Apps Integration
Securly is the only web-filter that allows complete integrations with Google Apps for Education. This allows for seamless sign-on for teachers, students, and administrators

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